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It isnt as clear as you think. Media tries to sell bullshit like its fact and races have proven it isnt as clear as that. Which makes more sense than thinking it would be faster for everyone on every track. Looknat enduro. Even Nino was smoking everyone on a Gwin saud he prefers a 29 wheel. Obviously, any 29 prototyped is not faster than his current steed because he did not switch this season.

But as soon as YT make a 29 that's faster than the Tues, then obviously Gwin will hop on that. This is what he said, not speculation. Yes this is parallel universe stuff as WAKIdesigns says, there are always too many variables in the real world. Rubberelli : Rubberelli : what exactly makes you think they havent tried it. Im not speculating. Im doing the opposite. Enjoy the day. When that day comes it will change things. As it stands today its all over the place. I just enjoy the comical marketing.

He said it needs to be engineered from the ground up as a 29er to be dialed I believe. WAKIdesigns Aug 1, at To me saying that wheel size change between 27,5 and 29 is so powerful is just a sign of zooming in a bit too much and losing the greater picture. They require more BB drop and longer chainstays which makes it this bit harder to lift the front wheel. Fork offsets are different.

The whole geo of the bike needs to be changed. I refuse to believe anyone says 29 is as much fun as 26 or Maybe on the black lines with maximum ruckus. But if you like me that like more easier stuff and "surf" down the mountain on easier trails, jumps and velodrom in less then lightspeed those big wheel will feel more sluggish. Its like skis.

Me going from 1. WAKIdesigns Aug 3, at I see no slope style bikes on trails or in bike parks, where are all those fun seeeking riders? No it's not. I have a set of Saints that are several years old. Multiple Whistler trips expert level riding and countless park laps around Colorado. Zero issues. Those e13 cranks sound like garbage, at least for that bikes intended purpose.

GumptionZA Jul 30, at I'm pretty sure the bent crank must've been from like an actual crash. Commencal should have spec'd a slightly higher end crank on here for real abuse. Friend of my is on the supreme v4. His old bike had saints that were over 2 full whistler seasons old, even my zee cranks are on their 2nd full whistler season are not bent.

Over 10 years of racing I've never heard anyone say it's normal for cranks to bend or be ok with it. Socket Jul 30, at Those cranks are an absolute joke. First one bent within 8 runs, no crashes, second one clipped a pedal not even enough to actually crash. Not sure if made from butter or cheese or some kind of emulsion of the two. Last set of cranks I bent, even in a crash, was more than 10 years ago. Since then I've mostly run Shimano and even when snagging them on stuff super hard, or casing jumps hard enough to snap rims, they've been fine.

Socket : Sorry to hear you had some crank trouble. This is certainly not the norm with our cranks and we hope you are willing to give us another shot. Sent you a DM. I've bent 3 cranks from rockstrikes while riding DH. All different brands, but no Saints. I find it weird to compare head to head with the Norco and not, you know, actually compare how they ride. You mentioned you also rode some other 29" DH rigs - so how does it compare to those? Stay tuned!

The comments on this review show the value of winning races. Including me.

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Remember the hype about the Session when Gwin was riding them? Not even sure they exist anymore.. Padraci Jul 31, at NotNamed Jul 30, at Would love to trow a foot over it as Ive never ridden a 29er before. Commencal is doing a lot of things right - hats off! There sure are a lot of Wilovanny Jul 30, at Wilovanny : bottles are for infants and babies. Kmccann Jul 30, at No water bottle mount!!! Shucks I would have gotten this bike if it had one lol. I'm saving for my hover bike.

Tired of actually riding, maybe I want to take a nap while blasting down the mountain. Startgas Aug 1, at Not Supreme SX, but it is indeed not included in the range which is quite strange. To only keep it for a single year sounds like bad business. Startgas : oh fair enough, the supreme SX looked so sweet too.

Abacall Jul 30, at Well written review, but shouldn't someone who's put a lot of miles on DH sleds, and at least some miles on 29" DH bikes be writing these reviews? Not much to compare against here, and feels like a lack of experience may be contributing to the "WOW" factor. RideorDie Jul 30, at I had the same though but at least he openly admits it in the article. The review would carry a lot more weight if he had spent more time riding other DH bikes prior to or during the test time for a better baseline. Abacall I've been riding five 29" downhill bikes for the last few months: forthcoming reviews include Trek, Cube, Norco, Banshee, and later in the year Saracen, Intense and NS.

I'd argue that I have ridden more 29 DH bikes than anybody else in the world. I did say in the article it was the first one I rode, and had to wait for the others t arrive to make a comparison, I had this Supreme since December last year. Thanks, Paul. Just raced nats there and it'd be cool to know.

Hard to argue with that. Abacall Jul 31, at That wasn't clear in the article. Thanks for clearing that up and the review. Shimanosaint Jul 30, at Shimanosaint : i dont know it just does not appear in the lineup, the space is probably filled by the clash, which is a lot more simple and boring.

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If you could get the geo to work it would be an awesome bike. Shimanosaint : they brought out the clash instead. My biggest concern would be the STA and whether it would still be too slack to climb. I suppose an angle set may help but then the BB maybe too low Would be a killer bike though if you had some big terrain.

Caiokv Jul 30, at I do own the Meta, and it is an amazing bike, and definitely feels like a bike with way more than on the back. They already did. There's even a British racing green version. Mattlamb Jul 30, at Its great that someone has made a bike that isnt light, isnt carbon, has a low unsprung mass, long rear end and is affordable.

Well done Commencal. IllestT Jul 30, at What's more impressive is that nobody here has complained about the weight yet! Gee Atherton's best years were on a Commencal which was well known as the heaviest bike in the race paddock. Chasing light weight DH bikes is utterly ridiculous. Davichin Jul 30, at That's featherlight. They are getting popular just now Have a normal session 29er build and compare it to a normal commy 29er!

The commy isnt light. Personally I like my bike between 36 and 38lb. Rubberelli Jul 31, at I can only say that I was riding my Antidote Carbon Jack, following my friend on Session 29, I was highly possibly braking in same spots he did and he still rode away He just fkng disappeared. And his big wheels. Two days ago I rode a high pivot Antidote Dark Matter and again, what the hell Protour rightallalong. I too was thinking of ProTour, especially while reading the 'Braking' paragraph. I can confirm everything the reviewer says here. I own both the Supreme DH The The big wheels monster truck everything and make you faster, got my first expert win on the bike a few weeks ago.

It is a handful in tight corners but that is missing the point. Best DH race bike I have ever ridden - period!

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I own the Is the 29er that different? I am loving the 27, and I can relate to a lot of what Paul has described on the article. Caiokv : The 29 rolls over everything much better. Faster everywhere except tight corners. Great race bike, not so great park bike. Serious question, how did we ever think b was better for dh oriented riding styles?

Offroad 4x4s have huge wheels right? Whats the rationale behind b?? I am not against 29" wheels and may end up with a trail 29" down the road as they progress. My DH bike has hands down better than my previous 26" bikes. Sam Hill seems to be doing just fine on b in a field with plenty 29" wheels.

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These SR. Not down with the new style wheels? Collectable skateboards. Complete Skateboards. Bauer produces a whole range of different pieces of equipment but they are known for their excellent hockey gear. Enter a Number. Looking at the - 45 ft Travel Supreme Select coach.

Your comment on off-road trucks is relevant. However, take a Baja truck. The have found a nice balance of diameter. Not Monster truck size, but bigger than the average street truck as well. At the lower end of the market, bigger wheels mean even greater weight. I'd far rather have a sorted and not too heavy b bike with great suspension than an even heavier bigger wheeled bike. In certain conditions, a 26" hardtail with sorted geo and a modern fork will still hold its own. Ride more and worry less about wheel size.

Have you tried stuffing it into a bike bag to fly? What size if so? DannyOC Jul 30, at Yeah I think I'll wait for next year's model so I don't end up with an obsolete frame. Even worse is that Commencal have given it replaceable dropouts - on the both sides, so they may offer different axle options in the future. Did they not get the memo? You're supposed to make your bike as incompatible as possible! So Pierron's secret is out! Kudos to Commencal for beating the big boys to a race ready 29er DH bike for relatively good money.

Wish companies would ditch the e13 cranks.

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So far to date I have heard more bad things about those cranks on any bike than any other part in recent years. Boardlife69 Jul 30, at If the bike is falling off from chairlifts then that would have to be rider error? Or the bike is desperately trying to tell you to go bigger? I don't get it, how is this possible? Or is it because its a 29er?

I chose my size and now I'm being a dick about it. Buggz0r Jul 30, at It's not really rider error My bike fell of chairlift as it hit the ground on upper station. Bike parks will need to consider bikes getting longer. This makes sense. However changing the platforms angles might not make sense as this would make it more dangerous in the winter when it's uploading skiers.

Maybe a pivoting mechanism on the bike carrier? Changing platform angles but have another add on structure for winter? Rambling thoughts, will shut up now. Boardlife69 : Well Mine is It happened to me with loading system you mentioned. I think that if mounts are moved a bit higher there should not be a problem any more. Anyway that happened on one of two mounts that were on the chair. So I just needed to be careful when choosing my chair lift line. PB-J Jul 30, at PB-J : ? Yeah I have a mm Nicolai G16 and keeping it on chairlifts is a total pain in the ass.

I bent 2 mech hangers in a week they're not cheap to replace either before I just removed the mech and chain when I'm just smashing out bike park runs. Bike trailers have similar problems.

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Maybe the French are one step ahead! Boardlife69 : In case anyone wants to read the more technical details of chairlift bike racks liftblog. Its completely over complicated and I've had a friend whose bike fell off since he didn't shove his bike quite all the way into the wheel receiver so I would blame bikes falling off on these racks partially on shitty engineering and partially on human error. Boardlife69 : In case anyone wants to read the more technical details of chairlift bike racks As Buggz0r mentioned when that happens its only usually with Alpim's rack that that happens with.

Let's see how it works out for you. OriginalDonk : I got auto banned for the quadruple post and it took a while for the moderators to reinstate me, guess I'll try not to do that again. BornOnTwo Jul 30, at That inventory sold out almost overnight Long chainstay seem to be the ticket for a fast bike. Joelukens00 Jul 30, at Below Threshold show comment.

Quite frankly your comment holds zero validity in my eyes due to the fact that you are from Arkansas. You may have more clout on a forum about something like ancestry. Hope this was helpful! Joelukens00 : absolute wanker you are wow Joelukens00 : You obviously don't know about Northwest Arkansas and how it's a huge riding destination now.

Joelukens00 : You sir. Have made me laugh multiple times today. Whats even funnier is people taking your shitposting seriously. Keep it up dude. It's clearly the best bike on the world cup circus. Head and shoulders above the rest the way it allows its riders to attack. Miss me with your opinion driven comments. You are probably a fascist. E13 components are total trash, unfortunately. Their rims do not hold up to any abuse, and fail in bizarre ways. This isn't the first I've heard of their cranks completely falling apart either. On the other hand, I've heard great things about these Commencals.

How did the crank fall apart?

HOT WHEELS 2019 SUPREME Team Transport - BMW M3 Review

Me and my buddies have had awesome luck with their rims and wheels as did this reviewer as there was no issues written about. In fact he praised the hub their base level hub and cassette. I had some hub issues with E13 years ago, but their components the past few years have been spot on for me. I've had way worse luck with DT, Mavic and Spank rims the past few years When I emailed e13 about a 2 day old crank bending on a heavy landing, their response was basically "no they don't".

Few days later, bent the other side. Socket : Fair enough. I've bent Descendats a few times but the Plus level E13 were perfect. I sent you a DM so we can get you taken care of. OliChando Jul 30, at Their dropper is very nice and reliable, especially the remote. OliChando : Their dropper actually looks cool. E13's warranty response was actually really good. Greener43 Aug 3, at AlanMck Aug 1, at I really think any sort of back to back testing for downhill bikes that are as racer orientated as the Norco and Commencal are should really really really come with some lap times.

Throw a Mondraker Summum in there as well since it also appears to be a career rejuvenating beast. Commencal is on fire. Seriously considering getting a custom Meta AM 29 in October. MTB-Colada : yup. WAKIdesigns : It sure does. Going to andorra in August and renting a supreme dh I wish they had meta 29s for rent. I want a bike that I can bring to the highest mountaintop and ride down on natural trails.

Love the Alpes and natural terrain, not so much into the smooth skate park trails I see so much of in North America. If you ride mostly park the clash is better. But if you ride high alpine rough trails the meta 29 is the way to go in my opinion. So many tracks here are just like choking on a dick. Current enduro bike always suffers to much and I don't mind heavier bike with more travel.

Well what is the wheel base of bike under full comression? You would have to compress fork too! BenPea Jul 30, at MOWtown Jul 30, at I can't see ever buying a 29" DH bike, I'm not a racer. I'm not even fast! I like the stiff 26" wheels, call me crazy. That being said, ill take SnowshoeRider4Life : err mm. SnowshoeRider4Life Jul 30, at SnowshoeRider4Life : this is the worst comment I've ever read on here. You have bought the marketing jargon left right and centre. SnowshoeRider4Life Jul 31, at Boost though is why 29 and Amazing area to ride, started many laps by the graffiti buildings at the top.

Longtravel Jul 30, at I'll never be good enough to fully get all out of the bike that I should, but I'm going to get me one. Whoever mounted that rear tire and didn't match up the tire and rim decals should hang their head in shame. Add a floating brake mount and I'll be throwing my money at Commencal. Having ridden a high pivot bike back in the day, I am not a fan of brake squat. Having a DH bike turn into a hardtail under heavy braking is not my idea of an ideal suspension design. Sure, any pro rider could win races on this bike. But I'm not that pro rider I want always active suspension.

My 9 year old canfield Jedi has lots of rearward travel and an idler Bike lust is strong this season. The bike must be really good. Every commencal wc rider is doin pretty well this year!! Good for you!

Patience is a good trait! Especially when you have no money to actually buy anything other than the basic essentials to live. Theeeeo Jul 30, at Same here, AND a medium at 5' Don't really see the point of a DH bike that's Soo long it's a slug in corners. Paxx Jul 30, at That brake mount though Everything else about the bike looks sick though! Mounting the brake up on the seat stay would probably interfere with how the stays and dropouts are designed to have flex for traction and control. Miss me with your opinionated bullshit. Replaceable dropouts are nice in case threads get stripped or hub standards change.

Its cheaper and easier to manufacture if the dropout mount is shared with brake adapter. Agleck7 Jul 30, at Any new thoughts on them since your first review? Not paulaston here, but here's what I think as a regular user: 13 years I ride clipless. I thought I would ride in the winter and work my technique with the catalysts and put the Saints for the spring enduro races, and especially the Megavalanche. Result: I did all the races with the Catalyst pedals, including especially the megavalanche, and my clipless pedals are always in the box, never mounted, never ridden. Agleck7 I'm still riding them and they are my first choice every time.

I actually just got another three pairs delivered for consistency across test bikes. Since very recently, they are being made in the UK and come with longer 8 and 10mm pins as standard. I have been riding the same pair for two years on most bikes and the bearings are still great, the only problem I have had is knocking out a few pins along with the threads so they can't be replaced. The latest version also has extra pins on the left and right sides of the pedal.

The most important thing is to get the right shoe. Many shoes have a pre-curved convex sole which means you slide around in the middle of the pedal and don't get great contact with the pins. Five Ten Freerider Pro's are the best I have found to date, they are nearly completely flat from new and bed in quickly. If you have a good contact here, I think power output, grip, and balance is all improved. Agleck7 Jul 31, at I rode them for a season on my trail bike with Freerider Pros never tried them on the DH , but went back to Vaults.

In my experience it seemed like the concave outweighed the longer platform. But sounds like the changes you mention might tip the scale. Agleck7 : I ride them with a pair of Adidas Crosstrail Protect Five Ten Stealth totally flat sole and although they certainly don't offer as much feel of contact as the Freerider Pro, the arch support and extra protection are great. Fastfish11 Jul 30, at I don't know who you think you are but I take threats of child abuse very seriously. If you are openly making comments about "Smashing baby heads" that is an immediate red flag for me.

All I'm saying is that you better be prepared for a talk with your local law enforcement if you are going to keep saying twisted things like that. Interesting how much chain growth there is on the bottom section of chain. I wonder if this will create a problem maxing out the derailleur cages on trail bikes with high suspension pivots? I've had this bike since May and love it more everyday. Demod one these in squamish yesterday.. Limited Edition Collectible.

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