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FSE Events. And of course, the most spectacular light and sound shows on the planet are presented each night at dusk. Free performances nightly starting from pm til late with a variety of stage shows to keep you lively!

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Best to arrive early to get a good viewing spot! FSE Shows. Each night, visitors will be treated to jaw-dropping displays of super-sized animation and high resolution special effects. While increased numbers of pixels added to overall resolution and clarity enhancement, the creators were also able to utilize over The technology also allows for new special effects, including split screen viewing, screen rotations, the integration of customized event footage, and live video feeds. On each excursion guests will get one-on-one training from a professional instructor to make sure they get the most out of their driving experience.

What makes me worry it's my new family, I defeated the bad version of what suppose to be my aunt so why I was going to train more? Simple, because Nightmare Moon wasn't the worse villain who can make our lives like a Tartarus. You rested, didn't get in trouble, not so much anyway. I'm recovering my conscious, I felt pain over my head, what just happened? I was awake some time ago, and then I just was knocked out.

That must be his power, overcoming the others easily. I couldn't move a muscle, it was like I was caught by chains, the sound of chains after my first try proved my point. Clever, he knocked me out and enchain me when he had a chance. I would do the same if I was in the same situation as him, I don't know what kind of feelings I was having now, hate, surprise, respect, many kinds of it, but no fear anymore. Even if he decided to kill me, I will do my best to kill him first, and I will not have fear of him. However, the sound of his steps was clearly and annoying, maybe it's because I'm with a hangover, I shouldn't have taken more than one shot of whiskey, or I would need the entire bottle.

I watched the little creature walking in my front, holding some of my items I kept in my tent, he was holding what I think it's the collection of Sharingan lenses, Naruto's jacket from Shippuden, The third Hokage's hat, The Flash's ring, all the books of the magic schools from Skyrim, a guild seal from Fable , the first form of the sword from Bleach Zanguetsu, the main guns from DMC, 3 pairs of cosplays of animes as Kuroko no Basket, Hajime no Ippo, and Hunter x Hunte, the chains of Kurapika and some cards of Hisoka, he had some kind of items I never imagine it would exist.

Then he saw me I was awake. He nodded to me, he didn't show any kind of resentment or annoy even after what happened minutes or hours ago. Now leave my tent. I snapped my fingers in that position, teleporting me in my floor, I decided to stretch and caught the items he showed me on the table, I caught everything and then I closed my tent and locked. While I was walking away, still has a lot of people walking over the "anime convention" I need to be quickly and not be noticed. This is strange. Mascate holds his wooden box and from inside he showed me a giant bag full of something.

At the moment he launched the bag over my table, something rolled off the bag, it was ripped head. My face grimaced with what I saw, I took the bag and saw it was fulfilled with the heads of many humans on the inside. He shook his head like I was feared. Then he launches me a coin, my eyes went wide when I remembered that coin, it was two faces black coin. He just shrugged in the signal I shouldn't know where that coin means two things over here, that coin has a power imaginable, not even my brothers were capable to suppress that power over their hands. And Mascate is with that coin, so something important or really terrible will happens in the future.

I need to know.

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He didn't answer me, he just came closer over my table and lead two things over there, it was a picture of one of my employees, a picture of the son of Lunes and Ector, Melchior. My face frowned after remembering what happened to them. I still don' know how to forgive after what happened to them. Mascate nodded agreeing with me, I don't know where and how he finds things like that, but what I was thinking about being something it becomes a thing I shouldn't ignore anymore.

That hourglass made me in a position where I never imagined I was before. I'm in the total control of the situation now. But now I need to be wise and think about what to do with that because if I use wrong this will become a serious problem. And when I think he did with everything, he let another thing over the table. A hammer. He wants me He nodded agreeing with me, now I'm in a dilemma if I destroy that without a good reason or motivation, I will not just have only problems with my siblings but many enemies could try to kill me for have that.

I need to be wise with that. You have all my gratitude, for your payment, you receive it and with some trips around the world on vacation, as usual, see you when you decide to come back again. He just smiled at me, and while I decided to turn around and watch the convention by the window again, he just left the room. Another day, another dollar, that's what they said. While I'm not very in the mode to work today, I wish I could have a day off after what happened last night. I didn't have dinner either breakfast after knowing Mascate knew what happened, and he will not tell me, I couldn't be stronger because I'm at my limit, I can create universes, stop the time, allow the creation and the destruction of everything, and even that, I was knocked out as if I was nothing.

I was holding the items of Mascate who exchanged with me, maybe I just need a good sale today, and that items would help me to have a lot of money for my vacations, I'm thinking to be in Japan and China for 3 months, just to explore there and maybe have a training, I really want to be on a championship on there and knock down everyone. The noise of my stomach reminds me how much starving I'm, so I decided to go to the food court, I can excuse myself to my boss if I get late today, I really need some burgers and if someone wants to annoy me I will just scream for them to fuck out of my way because I'm not patient at that moment.

After I came along and caught more or less 5 hamburgers I tried to watch someplace for me sit but it was full over many groups or people eating, I decided to find a table with fewer people because I'm not in a mode for many people talking while I'm eating today. Just then I found a girl what she isn't in a mode just like me, I think this will be well, if I don't talk with her she will not talk with me, I think it's a win with a win.

After I heard her joke about nobody I think she loses "the nobody" poor thing, letting her alone here without letting her know how much time she was waiting for him. She can't recognize between minutes or days. I decided to ignore her joke and eat my hamburgers. After I ate my second hamburger I heard her own stomach growled, she groaned and let her head hit the table not too lightly in her slight depression. I watched the poor girl didn't ate anything and groaned and hits her head on the table depressed.

Yep, she was hungry and having a day just like me. I heard her moan with the taste of the hamburger, yep our food is good, simple but good enough, that's why I like to eat here, don't need to worry about money for food. Merchants eat for free, another advantage of working here. There are places with so many things, even a video game championship, maybe he just get lost over here and he was looking for this place, this place isn't very easy to localize".

I'm pretty sure, he was displaced I wonder who did that with him. Maybe Mei knows, she has a copy of the list with the displaced people names. She turns the smile toward me, not realizing she still had that "Women's wrath" like an aura around her. Yep, she sounds pissed off, my eye can see an assassin aura around her, is she is going to become a saiyan?

Oh yeah, she is wearing a Danny Phantom costume, damn, I wouldn't like to be that Kenichi now Fuck, I think I know where he is. Schmied you sick son of a bitch, you forgot another one. But if you want to pass the time until he is back, you can go with me, because there is someone I would like to have a talk". I decided to say the truth, usually now it's his break time, and this means one thing She will be pissed off That's awful It'll probably help me find my "Friend" Faster.

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Okay, now I'm really glad to find her, she is almost like my mother when she found out my father was watching animes without her, and he gave a spoiler without knowing, it was like a hunting, he ran away, while she decided to destroy everything on the street. They almost get jailed. Nice childhood. I think she is his girlfriend. I really want to see what Schmied would do if she finds him, and maybe rec to publish on the youtube. Because I can see in your eyes he was dead I think he is really special for you to want to kill him by yourself. At the mention of the word "boyfriend" Krys let me go and after that speed, I fell to the ground.

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Her faces heat up in a startled and embarrassed blush and she gets defensive. And besides, why would I want to be with a guy like him anyway? Can you help me to get up? I gave a sinister smile, and my smile was so wide it was like if Pinkie Pie was there, then my right hand were with blue flames, and approached it near my eye who made it yellow.

Krys collected her self and threw me her best pouty glare. She crossed her arms and pushed a small pressure button on her right side which was facing away from him. It activated the holo reflective cloth of her Danny phantom suit. With the cloth activated it looked like her entire body except for her head just disappeared.

It's really difficult to find someone capable to train the exact location on how to aim it. Danny is pretty OP but he can do whatever he wants as long as he puts his mind to it. She looked around trying to find the source. I think I went so fast Kris didn't saw me running. I followed the sound where I found it many people around and in the middle were what I recognized Mei and someone big holding her around her neck, she was a hostage.

I was behind the people, and when they were talking about what happened, the Merchants said it was just an exhibition, an acting theater. Good, they are really trying to calm down the people. You know? Sometimes I love the haters, they always helped us to says when something real is fake. And this makes easier to do our job a lot. And when Mei gets free, I need him to talk to the Merchants uses the "mirror and the smoke" plan 7. Now run. Mascate brought to me that items, now I know why I should use them.

I grabbed the scepter, wore the red pants and then the red shoes, some parts of my last cloth I decided to put on the suitcase, then I wore the Daffy the mage cloak. And the last my eye-patch. Five minutes, I heard the people talking to themselves, while Mei was doing her best to act as the hero who was caught and tried to defend herself, but he was holding her so hard, she was almost losing her breath, watching that is pure sickness, and I couldn't take anymore. I opened my eyes and saw everyone in their places, and I walked between them, penetrating the circle, the sound of the Scepter while I walk was making a bit noisy.

I came near the man who was holding my friend with just one arm, one fucking arm. It wasn't surprising if his body has almost the double of mine size, and his muscles could make you piss your pants. I craved the scepter on the floor, making standing stuck on there for when I need, I decided to came closer to her and made one of my hands became on blue fire, I used some force of my left hand and opened a bit the man's arm. I used my right flame hand I grabbed one of her hands while my left hand grabbed her other hand and I pulled her soul while her body became limp and her head got out from his arm in the same time.

And launched both her soul and body in one direction, behind me. When what she thought what would happen she gasped and even her soul gets appalled, how irony is funny. Admit it, you missed me. Hey dude Sup Melchior Having a big problem on my hands, I don't know how much time will be out I hope everything gets better for you Me too I wish I could help you, I really wish That's okay, I'm used to having problems like that I lied, it's my first time doing that.

What you are gonna do? Hear music and deal with the problem myself Some music in mind? Leave all behind lol, you are going to become badass or something like that? Good luck Melchior. I caught my earphones, closed my eyes, let out a deep sigh and I played the song and started to sing. Suffocate everything They complicate everything They seal your fate every day but you can't believe it.

With the drums playing behind both my hands became blue fire hands, and my eye-patch eye became blue while my other eye became yellow. Take yourself far away from nothingness A million miles from emptiness. I ran in his direction jumped and after grabbing his hand and punched his face with other hand separating his soul from his body. It was a mythology creature who was being forgotten for ages, a titan, how this even possible? In my yellow eye, I could see The human grew taller, ripping his clothes to shreds along with his skin till all you could see was the muscle beneath.

I could hear his bones crunching as new one grew and old ones shifted around. His skin turned a shade of blue like the color of Ice from a deep freeze. His face was the same but a mass of cold blue spikes sprang from the back of his head as his skin made a splitting sound like tearing paper.

His arms were bulkier than the Titan's but less so than he had been. Spike of Ice jutted from his elbows and knees like deadly spikes, ready to stab anyone who got close. His body had no skin, his muscles fibers were all showing, contracting and moving as he flexes his new body. He was cold, blue and white as the ice around him, it was like if the winter comes near to me. Crio is his name, a forgotten titan. And they another voice come from that body "My master desires to release these blind mortals from their deaths There are reasons about mortals being dead, and the immortals there are just two reasons for them being immortal, they are blessed because of they worth it?

Both of them went in the ultimate clash, the fusion guided by Crio grinned when Melchior challenge him for the battle. Both of them went in his direction, both using the same body, dual mind, and dual soul. It was like to 2x1 battle. However, Melchior intentions weren't failed and let they expose the souls to create a rebellion over there.

Melchior used his speed to get the good distance and jump in his direction, changing a punch on the fusion. Melchior was almost near him so he decided when his punch couldn't work, so he retracted his punch and concentrate while he appointed his finger. Making the breath of a titan vs a shot of the nightmares god, both of the extremely cold and hot at the same time. Crio waited the exact moment to catch Melchior's leg before it hit's on him.

You should be screaming in Pain. How dare to say such things to me? Do you know how old I'm? Your brat, I will teach you some manners. The floor isn't easy for Melchior to have control of his steps if he loses the control he would slip and have a vulnerable point to the huge human over there. It isn't easy to walk and try to punch Melchior slipped on purpose just for comes near him and decided to use everything he has, his two eyes became red and his body created black arms, many, many black arms.

Your fool. The supernatural punches made his ice spikes over the body in shrapnel, it was like if a machine gun got shooting on him in a roll. Crio wasn't fast enough for being in the defensive stance, but what Melchior didn't know it has Crio had a really powerful endurance and stamina. When much more Melchior punches Crio's user, more sensitive his supernatural hands became because of the cold ice and in the time the ice spell protection affected his hands. Crio grinned when he noticed the speed of his enemy punches were slowly fade, and he decided it was the best moment for attack.

The steam and mist were made after Melchior get hit, however, he didn't move one centimeter. But his face was like bleeding and he still was in his defensive stance. However step by step, slowly Melchior made a position stance on what both of them was confused about what it is. What they didn't know it was a powerful martial art, something Melchior learned from his mother who was a really good fighter over his family. Bagua Zhang, it was one of the martial arts she knew. Lunes chooses Weregarurumon not because he was a wolf or for the fact she enjoys the moon, no, she prefers him over almost all the Digimon because Weregarurumon was a fighter and a rebel, just like her.

He snapped and started to see what she wants. One man wearing a cosplay of Kisuke Urahara came to punch her, she was faster than the own air and made him regret to try to harm her. She repelled the punch using one of her palms and using the flow of their two bodies she countered his attack with a powerful push, making him launch in the opposite direction.

We are doing that for 3 hours. Melchior walked into the fused creature itself, not having fear, not having apprehension, neither impatience. Melchior knew the monster didn't have a chance anymore. He was really pissed off. Both of them were surprised he didn't actually in their direction so they decided to take the initiative and attack him. Melchior walked away but his movements were strange, it was like he was walking on circles and his hands were making movements for confusing Crio and his servant.

Or are you afraid your technique would not work for me. While Melchior ignored his insults over him, he was indeed pissed off, and one attack wasn't enough for make Crio suffer. He gave the same movement another time. Melchior, however, went in the opposite direction and using his right hand Crio's pulse and pulling to straight on his side, and using his other hand he went on his testicles again.

The human noticed where he was going to use his attack again so he used his other hand to protect his crotch, and grinned to see what the boy would do now. However Melchior knew about that so he lifts his arm where was it onto the human neck, making him on a position he never thought he was, and then using all his force over the both of the weight of them launched the human and the titan on the floor. The power combined with the weight of the Titan make a crack on the ice floor.

You would never hear of another culture and how powerful they are. You should have given up when you had a chance. In reaction he tried again to punch without thinking, that's what Melchior was waiting. The Impact of that attack caused to effects, it has broken Melchior knee after that attack, while made the human and titan in the wall spilling blood over their mouths. The wall was cracked and let a mark of a body on there. I think I need to finish that now, or I will regret that. He prayed on his mind for anyone to help him, while he remembered the sound of the crest over his neck, the sound of the metal crest made him believe in his powers as like his mother and father believed on him.

While the fusion started to recover from its position, Melchior grabbed the Ainz Ooal Gown scepter. And waited, he closed his eyes, and focused on how much he had of energy.

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It was enough for just 2 attacks. He needed to conclude that quickly. That's so funny. And my objective now it's that, Magic: Soul Link combination. The angry shouting made Melchior smile of his objective. Make the Titan lost his soul over his own body but combine the soul of him and the human who is his servant. The Titan loses his own body, and now he hated Melchior with all his being.

I need to knock down both me and them. The lance penetrated his belly and passed through on his back. While Melchior was spilling his blood, he used everything to get the exact concentration. Crio was grinning at his victory but then he heard Melchior saying something who made he pale on despair. The time came back, and the gas with the steam with the mirrors made both of them disappear over the crowd. Mei and Schmid ran both holding the bleeding Melchior giving to their boss and Mascate were holding the knocked Titan with just one hand, they went into a secret passage on their floor, making the best possible for they go to their respective places.

Mei was trying to hold her cry, but tears were falling from her eyes. Schmied's faces were grim, he was holding what he was feeling at that moment, he doesn't want to admit if Melchior's path will be the same as Lunes and Ector, he closed his hand firmly and the rage inside his mind just made worse his blame on himself, one of his friends in that state, he doesn't know what to do, so he decided to goes the only person who he knows he will help.

I saw the commotion ended over there, that made me sigh in relief on how quickly my employees went and made the harmony came back around here, but I don't know what happened, but I think that's what Mascate was showing to me. Then I heard a burst over my door, it was Schmid who was fulminating and Mei who was tearing, but my face frowned after I saw who Schmid was holding, Melchior, the Lunes and Ector's child.

I didn't think anything more. Soul exchange reflux, what the mortals say the limbo, stay between the death and the life, the worse end for a merchant. The Charon never was alive or dead they were always on the limbo, but when the Charon who was in the limbo goes to another limbo, he wouldn't be capable to get out from his coma, not unless he has the double of the necessary of his mana and strength for he stay alive and dead at the same time in two different places. Schmid came near to the Melchior's body and add the golden scepter on his hands.

I approached the black coin with two faces and concentrate the dark magic with white magic on the coin, creating a coin with two faces with two colors, black and white. The black I turned around and put on Melchior's forehead. My power faded a little, but it was a good feeling, the mission was concluded, Melchior, I hope you enjoy your day on there because soon you will go back to work.

He felt tired but on his face, I could see relief and calm on his face. Mascate is leading him to Mr. Thanatos," Schmid said in several tones, while my grin on my face became wide and unfriendly. I pull the drawer over my table and grabbed the hammer and the hourglass. My body felt hot, the same way of my hair and clothes. Hello, everyone, it's me, and I want to thank everyone who supported me and cheer me up with my ideas about this fiction, I have to say it wasn't the help of my friends I wouldn't have many ideas about how to do this kind of fiction.

Anyway, I would like to know about my loyal readers who still ignore my problems of grammar and in the same time enjoys the action, the comedy and the drama of what happens in both universes and dimensions. What is your favorite scene until now? What is your reaction about the cliffhangers and the battles around this chapters? Who are your favorite characters in this fiction? I again would like to thank not just my friends but other writers who make displaced fictions who were willing to share their merchants with me in this fiction, they always will have my respect and my gratitude.

What do you expect when Melchior comes to the Ryujin's universe? Who knows? Nop, not even I know what to expect. Best story I am reading.

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Page generated in 0. Support us Patreon Chat! Discord Follow us Twitter. Story Lists What's Hot? You seem to have javascript disabled, or your browser is failing to execute it properly. Much of Fimfiction's functionality requires javascript so we suggest you turn it on! Universe Spike Celestia OC Other Main 6 My life isn't something I would share to anyone, but if you are reading this, so I must be disappeared and never would come back. The Strongest Swordmaster written by CaioCoia. Read Bookmark Quote. Previous Chapters Next Close Prologue of my life.


No edited 12, words Applebuck Season. No edited 13, words Bonus Chapter: Merchant decisions. Non edited. No edited 2, words. Melchior Pov: There he is, I think it was my fate to face him, here and now, if I wasn't so scared I would do my best to make him feel comfortable, but he was there, looking at me, he is smaller than I remembered, his eyes were glowing, he wasn't just a simple Merchant, he is one of the most powerful Merchants around here as he was like a force of nature, a wild creature.

I decided to wait him sip his tea first and then make my own. I took a long sip, drinking almost everything with a single gulp. The Ainz Ooal Gown scepter. Hanma Yujiro: And for the last and not less surprise, an eye-patch but what caught me more my attention it was the symbol of it. My eyes slowly opened wide. Lunes de la Noche